7VV1N5, pronounced "Twins" is a meta project where the individual pieces make up a larger work when placed together. The idea was to design it and price is in such a way that people could collect pairs, or "twins" to put together.

The collection as a whole is a play on my previous projects (mainly 70s Pop) which are built around placing tiles together to form larger structures.

This also introduced a new way of working with colours. AI generate images were created around the idea of various colours, which are then sampled to a number of points. When a shape in the design needs a colour then it picks and interpolates from a point in the sampled images, sometimes flipping the x and y axis to generate variations.

Four special palettes; New York, London, Paris, Munich were also introduced at this point.



Print size is square.


'z' - zoom into a new part of the design 'x' - zoom back out 'h' - toggle high resolution
's' - save PNG file


The high resolution image outputs at 8,192 x 8,192 pixels.

Print 27.3" x 27.3" at 300dpi Print 69.4cm x 69.4cm at 300dpi

Add ?forceWidth=xxxx where xxxx is the pixels size you want. For example to print at 100cm high, the width would need to be 100cm. 100cm in inches is 39.37" at 300dpi = 11,811 pixels width. So using ?forceWidth=11811 and downloading will give you an PNG large enough to be safely printed at 1 meter height.


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