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Ex-Flickr, ex-Guardian, soon at this rate ex-technology. Sometimes podcaster, sometimes journalist, sometimes musician. Always too busy.
Node, ES6, graphQL and a bazillion years of experience. Currently fully booked.


Once upon a time I was all over the Social Medias, but now I've gone all "indieweb" with this here website and distinct lack of facebook, twitter and so on.

The most straightforward way of getting hold of me is by email, or better still by post:

Rev Dan Catt
PO Box 4862
United Kingdom

You can also follow along with RSS.


There are no trackers on this website, no analytics, external fonts, facebook & social media like button tracking stuff. Except on the 360 Panaramas post and a couple of posts hosting audio with SoundCloud or video with Vimeo. I'm currently moving the files I own to this server, and ones I don't to be linked thumbnails.

It just takes a little time to get 100% free :)

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