Right Click Save

Below is a list of older projects that have been updated to Dan's latest codebase and can be viewed here. The plan is, where possible, to have all my project running here, it is a work in progress.

Sometimes new projects will be placed here that don't live on NFT platforms, with the idea of just, you know, existing without the need to be sold.

In both cases the outputs are considered to be "Out of Band", and you can Right Click Save[1] them for personal use, such as desktop backgrounds, or to print out and stick on your fridge.

You may not sell, mint or otherwise profit from these images, they are for personal use only. The code creating the images is copyright Daniel Catt (see each project for their own individual licenses). The copyright on the outputs may or may not belong to Daniel depending on which art, monkey, generative art copyright laws or jurisdiction you're in. FWIW British law on computer-generated art says I currently own the copyright on outputs, but the short is, don't be a dick, the timeline of this code lives online, and a most cases on the blockchain, people will know.

[1]Or more usefully, press 's' when the iframe is active (or opened in a new tab) to download the high-resolution version, see instructions as this may change per project.

Current Right Click Save Projects

>> Giant Giant Steps
>> Dubber Be Gooder To Me
>> ⚖️ Concord
>> A Slight Case of Overbombing
>> Hexagones - Art for Bots
>> Hexagones - Art for Bots for Humans
>> a strange and desolate place
>> 78rpm
>> Hexagones - Art forBots forHumans forPrint
>> 4'33"
>> "33'4
>> 45rpm
>> 33.333rpm
>> are 'friends' electric?
>> 7VV1N5
>> 33.333rpm LP Cover
>> 45rpm Single Cover
>> M'Fing Dots on a M'Fing Grid
>> M'Fing Dots
>> Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
>> 10PRINT - Example
>> Hexagones Landscape
>> Maps
>> Flying PETPIGS
>> Vents
>> Dub Be Good To Me
>> Hidden Line Removal Test - DEMO COPY 🤖🖋
>> Floating Chained Platforms
>> 78rpm Cover