33.333rpm LP Cover

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After the minimal week was over (which included the 45rpm, 33.333rpm and 78rpm works) I created pieces to be given as "Air Drops" to owners of 33.333rpm. These are the album covers that are supposed to go over the 33.333rpm vinyls.

Based on the work of designer Peter Saville (Joy Division, New Order, OMD), these covers take the hash and using a colour code, encode the hash into the cover.



Print size is square.


'f' - Toggle 'full' sized album cover
'h' - toggle high resolution
's' - save PNG file


The high resolution image outputs at 8,192 x 8,192 pixels.

Print 27.3" x 27.3" at 300dpi Print 69.4cm x 69.4cm at 300dpi

Add ?forceWidth=xxxx where xxxx is the pixels size you want. For example to print at 100cm high, the width would need to be 100cm. 100cm in inches is 39.37" at 300dpi = 11,811 pixels width. So using ?forceWidth=11811 and downloading will give you an PNG large enough to be safely printed at 1 meter height.


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>> fx(hash)
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