Pen plotter SVG Snowflake generator

I decided it was high time I got around to making a snowflake generator. Considering I've been thinking about it for over a year, this is a pretty quick turn around for me.

You can find it over here:

Note: This will only work on desk/laptops, not on mobile, it'll create endless snowflakes in an SVG.

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The tool has a couple of UI elements; the left side lets you select what size you want the plot/SVG, I always default to A3, the right side has all the settings. When you first arrive everything will probably be continually changing, the fastest way to stop that is to click the autoRedraw off.


Margins: the first four settings are all margin related. I happen to like the default settings because it makes it easier to sit in a standard 40x50cm mount cut to 4cm all the way around.

mTiles: is how many flakes it tries to place across the page, and then fills in the height with whatever it can fit in. Under the Experimental section is a squarify option which will center it all in a square instead, same mTiles across and down.

Arms and twigs: do what you'd expect, six arms for standard snowflakes, eight for "Scandi" style 😄.


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Twigs is the range of twigs it'll add to an arm, it weighs towards the middle bell-curve style. So if your range is 2-12, seven will be the most common number.

twigFlip is the chance for the twig to change direction. By default (0.5) it'll be a 50% chance of going either way, at 0 there's a 0% chance of them going forwards, at 1 there's a 100% chance of going forwards.


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twigMutate is the chance of instead of drawing a twig we draw a random-ish shape instead, either a triangle, square, pentagram, hexagon or circle.


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Rectangle of Doom, and Circle of Doom are just standard cropping tools. The circle isn't much use here, but the rectangle can be used to make outer frames of snowflakes.

Layouts, us "eight up" if you want to make postcards from an A3 sheet ("four up" if you're plotting on A4), or "four card" if you want to make cards, which is what I'm doing 😄

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So there we are, a quick way to make some SVG snowflakes for whatever you fancy throwing an SVG at. I'll be posting my results over on, of course and some more on, should you wish to follow and follow along.

More pen plotting tools can be found at, along with other bits and bobs.

Finally you can buy plots (possibly including snowflakes) over here:


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