Weeknotes 57 - Magpie peanut thief, new laptop pains

At some point in the last ten weeks I took this drone photo.

Drone view

Which has nothing to do with the title, but I don't have a photo of either the Magpie or the laptop, and it's always nice to start with a photo.

📷 ðŸ“ļ 📷

Back in week 28 I talked about feeding the local magpies dried mealworms. Getting them used the food arriving by shaking the pot as I went out. Sure enough they've gotten used to me doing this and will pop down shortly after I set the food out.

The books that talk about doing this mention trying to keep a routine, so you're always feeding them at the same time. But to be honest I'm not really sure how this works with the days getting lighter and darker. Do magpies always want to be fed at 8am, or a couple of hours after sunrise? How do they cope with daylight saving?

Either way, they've got the hang of mealworms. Now it's winter I thought I'd start with peanuts too.

I have never seen the magpie take a peanut. And yet the peanuts keep vanishing. Pretty sure we have a magpie peanut thief, even though the peanuts are for them.

With the mealworms the magpies will happily swoop down to eat them, even if they notice us in the kitchen looking through the window. They have no problem with them. But when they swoop down for the peanuts and see someone in the kitchen, they'll fly back off again.

I feel that they don't want to be seen taking the nuts and only do it when no-one is around, but they almost certainly do.

I may have to set up a camera.

ðŸŠķ ðŸŠķ ðŸŠķ

I've got one of the super great M1 Apple laptops things. Not necessarily becauase I wanted one (although I did) but rather because my old laptop died.

However, with my developer hat on, getting a laptop running on a new chip is a terrible idea, because not everything works the same. I've spent the last few days checking-out all the code I'm working on from github and seeing if it even runs, it's kinda a nightmare.

Before I go into my general complaining about it, this is the one thing I learnt.

Duplicate the Terminal application, rename it something useful, right click it to get to the Info, and tick the "Open in Rosetta" checkbox.

Stuff that runs on the new M1 chip you do in one terminal window, stuff that hasn't been updated you do in the Rosetta terminal.

Considering I'm someone who totally screws up Python installs and versions, this isn't great, but it'll do for the moment.

Back to complaining...

If you're editing photos, or video, or other "creative" stuff it's fine (if you're using Final Cut Pro, less so for Adobe Premiere Pro). Anything that involves nerdy typing command line bits and bobs in is something else again.

This is probably the worst time for a developer to switch laptops, and yet here I am.

I was trying to get my old laptop to hold out, weeks ago it started to take 2-3 seconds to access the hard drive. Which doesn't seem like much but the frustration of trying to do nearly, well, anything was horrid. Various keys have been breaking, but it got the point that every time I pressed the 'V' key it triggered three times, which made copy and pasting somewhat tricky.

This is pretty much why I haven't been doing Weeknotes, it just takes too long and is too frustrating.

Finally it started to not make internet connections over any port other than 80. Why? I have no idea. So while my laptop isn't technically dead, it was as good as.

So this is my holiday time, updating dependencies and packages, and finding alternatives for the ones that haven't been updated.

🎄 ðŸ’ŧ 🎄 ðŸ’ŧ 🎄 ðŸ’ŧ 🎄


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