Weeknotes 41 - Down drains, in ears, up noses

From the garden, we have our very own carrots! And the baby apple tree that we planted early spring has rewarded us with two apples that survived wind, burrowing insects and birds.

I'm hoping the number of apples we get doubles each year.

🍎 🥕 🍎

Otherwise, this week has found me in a good "flow state", which to be honest is lovely. I've worked very hard for years to craft a good work/life balance, and it's taken even longer to learn to say "no" to things. For the past six years or so I've worked roughly 20 hours a week on "proper" jobs, and 20 hours on personal projects.

Often those personal projects are looking after children, doing stuff around the house and playing catch-up with life admin. But they do at least fall into the allotted not-work half of the day.

For the last year, the no-work half of the day has become pushing my art forwards. It's been lovely to get into the studio and know that I have the morning to guilt-free "do art". Then I stop for lunch and switch over to work-work, again without feeling as though I'd rather be doing art.

There's a much longer blog post I want to write (my list of blog posts I want to write is getting longer by the day), connected with my attempt to be transparent with my art practice. And apparently, I am now the type of person who calls doing art my "art practice", weird.

The four blog posts of transparency are (or will be)...

  1. The continuous profit/loss blog posts.
  2. Publishing online, the tools I use to create my pen plots.
  3. Where and how I get inspiration.
  4. My workflow; how I manage to be annoyingly productive.

...anyway, not sure why weeknotes of what I've done has turned into what I'm planning on doing, but here we are.

Oh, back to "flow", This week has had good flow, because of getting the shop up and online. There's still just as much to do now as there was before, but at least now it's all about updating and maintenance. Feeling like I'm keeping something up and running while improving it is so much better. I already get the enjoyment of that with work, so now it's nice to have the balance with the art.

😀 😄 😀

For fun, we bought a "DDENDOCAM 1080P HD Wireless Endoscope Camera", with LED lights at the end. Used for looking down ants nests, through the undergrowth, down drains, into ears and up noses. It's a big hit with the kids.

🐜 👂 👃🏻


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