Latenotes 026 - Punching Ghosts

These are super later this (last) week for reasons.

So I'm going to focus on just one thing this week, the Oculus Quest, and mainly boxing. I've been after a Quest for ages, and it's always been sold out, it wasn't until Tom showed me a site that gave you alerts when the Quest was in stock that I managed to get my hands on one.

I already have an Oculus Rift, which by (nearly) all accounts spec-wise is better. However, it's attached to my desktop PC, which is in the art studio, thus no better at all. Having used the Quest for just over a week now I'd pick it over the more powerful Rift every time.

When the Rift was at home, I'd get up early each morning to play BoxVR, which counted as my daily exercise, which was great until summer when the room was too hot, yuck, gross.

On the other hand, I can grab the Quest, stand in the shady part of the back garden and play it there. Being able to play outside, with the wind blowing on you is amazing, I can't imagine playing it any other way now.

Although when it gets to winter, I'm sure I'll think of other ways.

Mild observations...

I've never worn Crocs before, but now I love them. They are like a soft squidgy version of those weird acupuncture sandals; my feet feel nicely tingly after an hour in the other virus-free "there".

In Beat Saber the red boxes are on the left, blue on the right. In BoxVR, pink is on the right, blue on the left. Sometimes my brain screws up, and I have to remind myself which game I'm in doing what, while the shapes hurtle towards me.

An outside observer would possibly conclude that I have something against geometric solids.

One morning I couldn't think of the right words, so I told the family I was going outside to punch a ghost. They all agreed that that's what it pretty much looked like.

I usually carry a notebook around with me to note things down as I think of them; otherwise, they just slip away.

There are two everyday tasks where I can't do this. One is washing up with gloves on, and the second is while punching ghosts. Those are also the two times when I'm most likely to think of precisely the right way to phrase a thought to make me seem terribly smart or rattle off whole blog posts in my head.

I think I may need a digital assistant thingy, so while I'm boxing, I can go "Siri, please take note, I wish to dictate a blog post."

But I suspect I'd feel, look and sound like an utter twat.

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