Weeknotes 025 - Interviews and svlogs

An interview I did was just published this week:

I think I come across as pretty awesome, but I guess that happens when you're allowed to talk about yourself and put yourself into a good light.

Reminds me about how much I intend to write up about the process, but never find the time, writing a weekly weeknotes already races around so quickly.

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I got introduced to "Silent Vlogs" the other day:

Which is right up my street. I mean I haven't watched any of them obviously, it's more the concept and the idea that they exist than anything.

I've been making short videos of my pen plotter in action for Instagram, to start with I wanted to put everything into them, show everything, use all the footage I took. They'd be too long for the one minute limit, so I've been learning to do something very against my nature and cut, cut, cut.

Very slowly I'm getting better at it, throwing more stuff away and even, *gasp*, making some cuts in time to the music. Part of that is from watching lots of YouTube videos where they make lots of quick edits and tell a story quickly in a short about of time.

But turns out quick edits and fast cuts doesn't make my heart sing, slow, almost dawdling and ambient is my thing.

While I haven't found a way to reconcile that with the Instagram one minute limit yet, I am starting to see the one minute as a long time to fill, rather than a shorter time to cram everything into, which is a start.

Pecan Pie, 1 minute 23 seconds, getting there...

🥧 🥧 🥧

Sometimes I get cluster headaches, often around this time of the year. A precursor to them coming on is getting pain behind my right eye. Most of the time it turns out to be nothing, other than annoying, sometimes, rarely it'll turn into a cluster headache.

I absolutely do not want it to turn into a cluster headache; they are literally the worst. Two things help, going back to sleep in a dark room, and, without fail, weirdly, Mountain Dew.

I don't drink tea or coffee, I try to avoid sugar, but something [insert boring technical details here] about the combination of caffeine and sugar almost instantly reduces the pain.

So that was my day today, darkness and energy drinks.

On the plus side, no gardening.

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