Weeknotes 006 - End of an open office era

My desk for the last few weeks

For the last four weeks, the space where I rent my art studio has been exhibiting the artists' own works. Each artist has a small area to put up their work along with prices and stuff. Every day one artist sits on the desk to keep an eye on things while another artist works "out front".

I was away in Hong Kong for a week of it, but for the rest of the time, I rolled one of my tables out into the middle of everything and then, well, just did what I usually do, which is a combination of my day-job and writing code to make art to send to the pen-plotter.

It's been kinda fun being able to watch people look at and respond to my work, which falls into two camps of either complete disinterest or watching the pen-plotter draw out the latest plot for ages.

What was even better was being able to answer questions people had, interacting with the punts and generally pretending not being a totally introverted artist.

Also fun explaining that yes, code can be art.

I put this book: "Computational Drawing: From Foundational Exercises to Theories of Representation", onto the desk to help prove I wasn't just making shit up.

That's all over now, back to working in my own space for the rest of the year. Aside from finishing off sending out batches of Yule cards, that's pretty much it for the week.

* * *


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