Weeknotes 005 - Jetlag

Going to be a late and somewhat short weeknotes this week because...

Jetlag kicked my ass.

Seems that flying forwards in time isn't so bad. When I flew from the UK to Hong Kong, I got my sleep pattern under control pretty well. The 14 hours flying back, to arrive 5 hours later, so not fun. I've been sleeping for pretty much the first half of the week.

I've been disorganised writing Christmas/Yule cards this year.

Everything has been slotting around last week's Hong Kong trip, with deadlines set for just before heading out, and some more early next week. Throw in the surprise art exhibition (see Weeknotes 003) which had to get set up and also runs each side of the HK week, and time has been pretty tight.

Some early starts and late nights are being spent getting back into practice with the scratchy old dip pen. Dip pens are pretty hard to write with anyway, which I assume is why they got replaced by fountain pens, more so when you've gotten a bit rusty.

Daily handwriting practise was part of my morning routine for the first half of the year, and I let that slide when, ironically, I moved to the art studio. Should probably get back into that, as it turned out to be one of the more rewarding and relaxing (and cheap) hobbies I picked up.

Sorry if your card is late!

* * *

No books, podcasts, tv or films this week, just music.

Well, that's a lie, I watched the last three seasons of Black Mirror back to back on the flight. To be honest, I don't think watching a continuous barrage of varying dystopian futures is on my recommended list.

Music that helped ease the above discomfort on the plane was a sort of continuation of last week's not-vaporwave trail, which lead me back to a CD I somehow ended up with nearly 30 years ago; Keiichi Suzuki ‎– Suzuki White Report.

Or more specifically this track: YouTube: Satellite Serenade [The Orb's Trans Asian Express Mix], (sorry no embed, I'm trying to avoid all the cookies Google drops), which I could happily have listened to if they'd extended it to the whole 14 hours of flight.

Now back to card writing while I wait for the week's groceries shopping to arrive.

* * *


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