Weeknotes 002 - Boring and mundane

Going to try (and fail) to do my weeknotes in the form of bullety pointsish today.

I carry my laptop back and forth between the art studio and home, at the studio, it gets plugged into a monitor, keyboard and mouse, where I used the mouse's scroll wheel. At home, it sits on my lap, and I use the trackpad. I kind of enjoy the little ritual of switching the scroll direction to and from "Natural", it marks the switch between work and leisure.

Speaking of the art studio, the place is an old supermarket, it's a sizeable wide-open space, with the coldest floor ever. There is no heating, being inside is pretty much like being sat outside in the middle of a field but without the wind. January and February should be interesting

* * *

Reading update. Although technically audiobook listening. I wrapped up "Becoming a Curator (Masters at Work)" by Holly Brubach, which was both rather enjoyable and not what I was expecting at all. When I saw the book, I focused on the first part of the title, the "Becoming" part and thought it'd be fun to find out more, maybe learn some curating skills. What I missed was the "Master at Work" part where it's a whole series where they focus on a single person who's very good at something. The next one in the series is "Becoming a Baker", which also isn't how you become a baker.

The person who did become a Curator in this instance was Elisabeth Sussman, who by all accounts did an excellent job.

Although next time I'll look for a beginners guide rather than a becoming journey.

* * *

Brave the browser on my laptop appeared to be the culprit for using up the battery in under 90 minutes. I switch back to Chrome and can now use the laptop for many hours like I'm supposed to be able to. I searched to see if it was a common thing, but no-one else was mentioning it, so it seems very much like a me-problem. Perhaps I should just switch back to Lynx.

Also in the just me-problem world, Adobe have updated all their apps, my laptop now has 2019 and 2020 versions of all their flagship programs. However, 2020 Illustrator and 2020 InDesign both don't work for me; they just hang when starting.

I used to feel as though these were the type of things I could sort out, but after trying a few of the mentioned solutions I've just ended up at the conclusion that I have to wait for another update from Adobe that somehow fixes them, or I guess I just don't get to ever use the 2020 versions.

There's nothing odd about my laptop, everything about it is updated and relatively standard, so it feels a little strange to have a high profile app just kinda go "Meh, I'm just not going to run", and that's that.

The worst part is I suspect it's hanging on something stupid like loading the online library/sharing/help part of the application that I don't use, and there's no way to tell it just to ignore that part and load the bit I do use. Defeated by the productivity-enhancing cloud, I'm sure.

Photoshop 2020 does work though, so there's that I guess.

* * *

Whenever I play games that involve picking skills and weapons or making a "build" the playstyle I choose always turns out to be the weakest when you look-up online what you should be doing. I guess just love losing.

* * *

I've been doing more pen plotting stuff. The thing I find most satisfying is making it draw really long lines, really slowly. The slowest I can go is 90 seconds to draw the length of an A3 sheet.

My brain is wired to take absolute joy in monotony, the more monotonous, the better. Why have a melody, chorus, layers of instruments and beats crammed into a 2 minutes song, when you can have a single note or chord stretched over a whole hour, seems to be my cultural preference.

I mean, it's tedious, but I can't help getting drawn into the boring and mundane.

* * *

Nothing is quite as satisfying as spinning a salad spinner as fast as possible, then seeing how long the thing will carry on spinning for once you let go.

* * *

Whoo, two weeks in a row, I'm killing this.

* * *


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