Catching up on RSS

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about catching up on a year's worth of email newsletters. Well, this weekend has been spent catching up on a year's worth of RSS feeds.

Or more accurately a year's worth of friends blog posts, I still have *checks notes* 1,206 not-friends posts to go. But those are easy as I tend to skim those and some of that are mainly "arty" feeds that feature photos or paintings, which I subscribe to because art, lots of it, makes me happy.

The friend's posts, however, I read each and every word, well, nearlly.

To start with, it was a bit overwhelming, the substantial number at the top decreasing every so slowly. It seems like a task that could be solved easily by hitting the mark-all-as-read button.

Then I got into the groove and, well, something interesting happened. It felt like a chat, a conversation, a group sat around a table. A group who hadn't seen each other for months and were now only just catching up. It was warm and friendly and cosy. I caught up with all sorts of news that I'd missed out on by not being on twitter or facebook. Some of it made me laugh out loud when I read it, and other bits made me wince or sad.

The last couple of days of catching up has been a pleasure.

But then I started paying attention to the date of the posts, I was into September, I was running out of past. September sped by into October, and before I knew it, it was and November. The catching up with friends, the cosy chat was all about to end. Everyone grabbing their coats and about to head off into the present of the here and now.

I promised myself that having caught up, I'll stay on top of it, the weekly updates to check-in. But I must admit, there is a temptation just to get on with things, let the darkness of winter pass, and then catch up with everyone again in spring.

* * *


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