Catching up on newsletters

Hello to anyone who checked their newsletter statistics and noticed a streak of newsletter email opening. That was me catching up on a year's worth over the weekend, and clicking the "show images" button for all the tracking pixel images.

It turns out I stopped reading them pretty much the same time I ditched social media at the start of January.

Not for the same reasons as stopping social media, rather just because I had so much stuff to do. I mean, I still am busy, but back then I was not reading them in an "I want to give these newsletters the time and attention I think they deserve" way. Or rather, I still have that stupid image in my head of the 1950s Father reading the newspaper at breakfast time. There's something about taking a moment away from everything else (in the case of the 50s Dad, I think that was shown to be the rest of his family) and giving "catching up on the news" a reasonable space of time about it.

I wanted to stop, rest, catch up on the daily/weekly news and then get on.

But of course, I never did that, always too busy, too busy.

Then you end up with a pile of them, slowly building up, promising to take up even more time.

Anyway, this weekend was the weekend where I just went for it and read each and every one, cover to cover.

I listen to podcasts at 1.5x the speed, and I watch YouTube videos the same way. Soon, I guess I'll be able to do the same with Netflix.

It felt a little like that.

My newsletter subscriptions seem to be mainly writers, so it's kinda fun to see "I'm working on unannounced project X", and in my head, I'm like, 20 minutes into the future and I'll know what it is. None of this waiting months for me, your whole life is racing past my eyes, your trajectory is so fast your projects are coming and going like the wind. By the time I've finished things that have taken you months were mere minutes for me.

Right, good to be caught up now though, well-done everyone on getting through all that past stuff, happy to read that it went ok for you. Now let's see if I can keep up.

* * *


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