Hong Kong One

I'm on the second to last day of a just over two week long trip to Hong Kong. I'll write more about why I'm here in another post, for the moment though here are a few photos and notes from my trip.

Arrived at the hotel, tired but enjoying this view...

view view view

Getting the bus each morning from the city down to the office in Cyberport!


* * *

There has been food, much more food than shown below but at some point you have to stop taking photos of each dish and just enjoy it. These dumpings where the best. Pickled lime in soda is so disgusting I had to try it twice.

Food Food

* * *

I often couldn't stop looking up.

Street Street

And because we finished each day at around 6pm, I ended up taking a fair few walks in the dark.

Evening Evening

* * *


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