Monday Scribbles, 3rd September 2018

Sony Minidisc

I had reason to remember the DEAD MEDIA PROJECT last week after ordering Russell's music on a Sony MiniDisc. There's a few things that appeal to me about what Russell has been up to.

First the act of putting something out there.

This is obvious but when I'm super busy with work I tend not to publish[1] much stuff. I cram in personal projects in the tiny moments that open up during the day. But I use that time to make/build/create stuff, I don't use that time to talk about it. No idea why, I think I feel bad writing about a side project when I should be putting all my effort into the paying work.

Then when I don't have work on I can finally round up all the things and write about them. That's the theory anyway. In practice I tend to spend the time I'm not working worrying about why I'm not working and if I'm ever going to work again.

Which is why I like seeing people get stuff done and get stuff out there. Especially when...

Second, I love physical media particularly when it's studiously inconvenient.

Stack of cassette tapes

This is the realm of people still writing, printing, stapling and posting zines. The act of copying and publishing podcasts onto cassette tape (Thank's Roo for doing so with Shift Run Stop). Pressing a minimum run of 250 flexi discs to publish four minutes and forty two seconds of music. A project of mine which is on the back burner until I can find somewhere that does biodegradable plastic. I know you can do cardboard records but it's not the same.

This may explains a bit about why I'm sliding into the world of sending hand written letters.

Anyway, all that means a chunk of explorative music published on a format that's going to take me a while to actually be able to play, is right up my alley.


Which got me back to thinking about one of my favourite covered in dust projects, Bruce and Richard's suitably dead DEAD MEDIA PROJECT. Over the years I've had a stubborn urge to take all the notes and publish them as a limited edition coffee table book. Just so I can claim $50 from Bruce.

In the short term I'm tempted to take the manifesto, drag it into the 21st century with some CSS. Then make it readable and hyperlink the fuck out of any of the words than can be linked to anything. I mean the notes are a glorious trove just waiting to be updated from 13px sized font to at least 1.8rem and some bold margins.

I'm half worried that if I do such a thing I'll draw attention to the project and someone else more organised will knock out a book and get that CRISP FIFTY-DOLLAR BILL. Or there's a bunch of us around the globe that keep poking at it, in the slowest race ever to be the first person to maybe be bothered enough to eventually do something with it. While also performing a balancing act that with each passing year the technology to create and publish books get easier. To the point where I'll be able to point an "AI" at the website and tell it to go do all the hard-work, verses the slowly expanding amount of DEAD MEDIA that exists.

Not being on holiday but feeling like I'm on holiday.

Seagulls have moved into the area. The numbers have been increasing over the last few years. We have a recycling plant and a water treatment plant on the edge of town that attracts them.

As an experiment we've swapped from shopping at Sainsbury's to Morrisons.

It was mild but sunny with a warm breeze.

As I parked in the strange car park and walked towards the unfamiliar supermarket with gulls squawking overhead it felt like I was on holiday. The sound of the seaside and the sense of being elsewhere. I didn't realise that I'd made a connection between sun, supermarkets and seagulls with being on holiday. I guess it's burnt into my brain somewhere from childhood.


I feel like I've successfully made the move from not posting on twitter to not posting on Mastodon.

* * *


1. "Publish" sounds too formal and professional. "I published a blog post", gah, what I mean by that is; I tend not to write, talk about, draw attention to, etc. the other stuff I do when I'm busy. It all gets "published" in the same way I'm a "creator" of "content".

"I don't write about my stuff" I guess would be better.