Beard, broken showers and accidental health

For the last year and a bit I've been having cold water showers. Not as some amazing health kick that I subsequently discovered is a thing on the internet in the realms of the "The 30 day [x] challenge", but rather simply because the shower broke. One day there was no more hot water, and so far we just haven't mustered up the energy to fix it.

For a start it's the ensuite shower, so there's another if we need it. Then it was the middle of summer and blazing hot, plus we go to the gym anyway, and there's something irritating about getting people in to do some work that you just know isn't going to be right and will take several more visits to fix. In short the pain threshold is still at the not enough to be willing to pay £500 to sort out point.

Because it was summer I just started taking cold showers instead, and then discovered something obvious and beard related that I hadn't really thought about.

There are a few odd things about having a long beard that I never noticed until I had a long beard, because why would you?! Mostly around getting it trapped in various annoying ways. But here's the shower related one...

Whenever I had a lovely hot shower no matter how much I tried to shake out all the water from the beard, it'd still trap a load in. It's surprising how much water a beard can hold. And the moment I stepped out of the shower the water would instantly chill and then endlessly drip freezing cold water all over you.

This would result in doing a weird chin jutting manoeuvre and quick towel grab that would never quite stop the awesomeness of the hot shower be ruined by the coldness of the wet beard.

However the amazing discovery was, upon having a freezing cold shower, where my whole body was chilled. When I stepped out of the shower the room felt warm and inviting, better still the water dripping from my beard felt warm too.

And so it turns out, I'd rather endure minutes of freezing cold water just so the drips from my beard didn't feel awful, rather than a hot shower that was ruined at the very end.

As the winter rolled in and after a few internet searches for "do you ever get used to taking a cold shower?" I then discovered that all this time I'm supposedly doing something healthy. Although at this point I'm pretty sure anything that seems terrible to start off with and no-one particulalrly likes doing gets called "healthy" just because it's different from the norm. Anyway, seems I'm now in the cold water shower club because my beard made me do it.

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