A while ago I decided to improve my handwriting. It's been going pretty well, I bought these Spencerian Panmanship exercise books which I'd been working through a page a day. And compared to my handwriting a few months ago things have improved a lot, although there's still a way to go.

However the thing that's been tripping me up is the letter 'r', as soon as I hit one in the middle of a word my brain blanks and I'm not sure what to do. Everything go wobbly and wrong, the pen rests too long on the paper and the ink starts to pool, the whole thing becomes a mess. I never thought a single letter would be so tricky for me.

So I've been facing this page of 'r's in exercise book two for a couple of weeks now, knowing that hopefully by the end of it I'll conquer my mental block over it. I mean all those 'r's must sink in after a whole page. And yet also scared of the whole page. It feels kinda stupid to be scared of doing a letter over and over again, and worse I was putting off my daily practice for days and days.

Today, finally, I penmanshipped up and got the horrid page out of the way. Aside from another page of 's's over & over, and a handfull of smaller exercises in book 3 I'm over the letter practice part. The rest of the book and following books are all words and finally in book 5 sentences.

After that there's nothing else to do apart from more freeform daily practice and trying to use my fancy new handwriting in everyday life.

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