Packaging Pen Plots to Post

Today's post is a swift one about how I package my pen plots to survive the trip through the various postal services around the world. It's gone through a bit of evolution over the past year, and this is where it's settled. I promised a few people I'd write this blog post, so here it is.

The best way to send large prints through the post is in a tube; that's pretty much it. It's what tubes have been designed for, and they're brilliant at it.

However, I choose the second-best way of sending them, which is flat, and to do that; this is what I do.

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  1. Packing board for no-bendyness
  2. Clear Bio-degradale "Cello" A3 self-sealing bags
  3. Cardboard corner protectors, the most important.
  4. Framers masking tape, keeping shit stuck down.
  5. Jiffy Green Eco Padded Mailing bags - the padded outer shell

I've used Amazon UK for the above links because it's the easiest way to show what the items look like; none of the links are affiliate.

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Absolutely the most important thing I've found when sending things through the post is protecting the corners. I've ordered a bunch of prints and plots from artists from all over, as well as professional print houses, and most have arrived fine. But when they have arrived a bit damaged it's always been a bent corner. All it takes is for one bash to a corner to get a crease.

Eventually, I ended up landing on these cardboard corners.

You can get slim foam corner protectors, but because I'm trying to go all eco and recyclable, I've ditched those.

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Not much to say about boards; they stop things from getting bent. What I particularly enjoy about the boards is being able to plot on them. Sharpies and big chunky designs are fun for this. I use the "70s Pop" style, and it takes about 10 minutes to draw one.

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Cello bags

I love how things look once they get put into a cello bag. The moment a plot slides into one, it suddenly looks "real", like a proper thing that real artists sell 😆

Which is why I was super pleased to find these compostable bio-degradable bags, from eco-craft.

When I pack things, I place the plot face up onto a plotted board and then slide them into the bag together. The second board goes on the outside of the bag. This allows the plot to be sandwiched between the boards, but the plotted side of the paper rests against the cello rather than the board.

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Jiffy Bags

Once I've packaged everything up, which often involves throwing in some extra postcard-sized plots, everything goes into a padded eco Jiffy "Green" bag.

This means I get to send things with no plastics at all, which was always an aim.

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Any questions, drop me a line, or DM me on Instagram.