Penplotter profit/loss, month of July 2020

Time for the end of month progress report as a financially viable pen plotter artist, and well, drum roll 🥁 🥁 🥁 🥁, I managed to lose £221.47. Taking the total of this adventure since starting down to a grand loss of £2,440.27. See the previous entry Penplotter art profit/loss, Oct 2019 - June 2020 for more information.

July profit amount

😭 😭 😭

Now, hopefully -£221.47 isn't as terrible as it sounds, as I haven't actually attempted to sell anything this month. Although people have asked, thank you 🙏 very much. I've been trying to make a "collection" to sell in the second week of August, and I keep getting DMs to buy them as I make them.

Last time I tried to set up a "collection" and Shopify thingy I always sold the thing I was going to put into the shop before I could put it into the shop. Which I guess is a good problem to have, and yet at the same time, it kind of stopped me working out how to do the whole online shop part.

Then Covid hit.

Here's the break down of July's expenses...


Polaroid Film £78.63
C5 Envelopes x 125 £13.24
C4 Envelopes x 125 £19.46
Jiffy Padded Bag x 10 * 2 £32.70
A3 300gsm Watercolour Paper, 20 sheets * 2 £41.98
POSCA pens £57.96
Studio & Shop rent £47.50
Total Cost: (£291.47)
A3 "Moon" Plot £70
June "profit" -£221.47
Profit to date -£2,440.27

💸 💸 💸


The Polaroid Film and POSCA pens were probably a bit extravagant. I decided it'd be a good idea to include a Polaroid of each design I sell along with it, with some fancy POSCA pen artwork plotted onto it. If I didn't buy those, the loss would have only been £154.41

And the C4 & C5 envelopes are going to keep me going for a while.

Meanwhile next month I'm going to need to buy some more black paper, and postage, but I don't think I'll need much else, oh apart from maybe marketing.

I'm looking forward to August. I have a few more things to set up on the online shop, and I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so these things tend to take ages. But then I will have a whole Shopify to Facebook to Instagram shopping pipeline set up, which is a post all in itself, fair to say it wasn't as straightforwards as I would have liked.

The plan is to open the shop in the 2nd week, put a few limited things up, see what sells in seven days, then close it down, while I prepare something for the following month.

I like the idea of only selling things for a week as it means I can focus my efforts a bit better. One week take photos, and upload them, next week sell things, week after finish up posting things out, then a break before doing it all over again.

Anyway, fingers crossed and wish me luck that perhaps we can start bringing that £2k+ loss back down.

I did get some nice envelopes out of it though!


💌 💌 💌


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