20 questions to ask children about ghosts

Sometimes I find myself in a situation where I need to talk to a child. For some people talking to kids comes naturally, I am not one of those people. My usual gambit is to ask them what they’re interested in and taking it from there. But sometimes that just doesn’t work, they’re not interested in anything, or they’re not interested in sharing it, or they’re too intimidated by my beard to say anything.

When that happens I fall back on my ghost questions. The handy thing about these questions is that even if they don’t believe in ghosts, or answer in the negative to a bunch of these you can just keep going.

Best of all, whenever I’ve asked these questions the answers have always been charming.

  1. Do you believe in ghosts?
  2. If there’s thunder and loads of rain, does a ghost get wet?
  3. Can it get hit by lightening?
  4. If the wind is strong, does it blow away?
  5. Can a ghost breath underwater?
  6. Are there human ghosts underwater?
  7. Do monkeys have ghosts?
  8. Do birds have ghosts?
  9. Do bird ghosts get wet in rain or blow away in strong wind?
  10. Do cows have ghosts?
  11. Could you have a cow ghost underwater?
  12. Do fish have ghosts?
  13. Why don’t we see fish ghosts on dry land?
  14. Can ghosts go on holiday?
  15. If a fish died in a fish bowl, and then the fish bowl is moved, does the fish ghost haunt the area where the fish bowl was even if there isn’t any water?
  16. Can you spray paint a ghost?
  17. If you spray a ghosts with stinky perfume will it smell?
  18. What happens if two ghosts try to run through each other?
  19. If you blow dry a ghost does it go fluffy?
  20. Do you believe in ghosts?

* * *


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