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Double Rainbow

Last year, to much sadness from everyone, TinySpeck shut down the rather lovely game of Glitch. A beautiful quirky game loved deeply by not quite enough of us. A lot of the game's pleasure for me was just walking around the place, growing trees & herbs in my back garden and generally chatting to friends.

There was a definite sense of loss on the last day, that last hour when it all shut down, knowing that I wasn't going to be able to "walk" through those curious landscapes again, that it was all being packed up into a box, tucked away, and would simply cease to exist.

Much like geocities going away, but prettier.

Last week however TinySpeck did something lovely, they took that box, opened it up and tipped the contents all over the GitHub floor. Now, admittedly the world was pretty much all in pieces, but a quick poke around showed that all the bits and bobs needed to stick it back together in a semblance of what we had before were there.

And so, over the course of the next 24 hours I got stuck in, poked through the .xml files that described each location, dusted off some Flash Javascript horror (thanks to twitter for the pointers) to convert the chunks of Flash scenery into .pngs and had a pretty workable Glitch world viewer.

You can experience it here and find out more about the code in this GitHub repo.

Then two waves passed over me. The first of gentle joy, that I was seeing the world I thought had been lost. I tweeted out the link and a lot of the feedback was similar, "Oh, I never thought I'd see this place again", and general happiness. Bring something back from the dead felt good.

The second wave was of rough sickness, brought about by kids with their germs from school, bringing something up felt a lot less good. So I took it easy for the next few days.

What I am doing with Glitch


I suppose an easier way around this is to say what I'm not doing with Glitch which is rebuilding the whole thing.

What I've just been doing though is getting my html game "client" to render all the scenery to <canvas> elements to make controlling the scene easier (and faster), paving the way for allowing a single player to walk a Glitchen avatar around the world. Moving from location to location.

And after that, bolting on chat with a backend Node server. With, fingers crossed, global chat and "local" chat.

At which point I'll probably spend the rest of the time just tidying up those two elements of the "game". Turning it essentially into a pretty multi-user, multi-chatroom. Which is generally what I used it for in the first place.

Then we'll once more have a place to walk around, wonder, and chat.

And I absolutly will not have any feature creep and start adding in other stuff. Totally and utterly no!

Not even a pig.


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