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I've been meaning to blog a lot recently. The plan was to finish at the Guardian and then split my time between freelance work and doing stuff for myself and with Charlie. A lot of that "stuff" was writing blogposts.

But due to virtual non-stop work I just haven't found the time yet. That and I find writing really hard and maybe over-think the whole thing. On-top of that I end up in loops where I can't write blogpost x because I want to write post y first, but before that I need to explain some stuff in post z, which needs something from post x to help it make sense. If I were a better writer this wouldn't be a problem.

In turn I keep clinging onto the idea that if only I wrote more then I'd find writing easier and the whole thing would become joyful and simple.

You know, the way proper writers find writing joyful and simple.

I want to write blogposts not because I think I have any great insight but because the exercise of writing helps me pin down ideas that are bouncing around my brain. And while I could (and often do) write things down in notebooks in private I like the whole idea of open publishing. I try to stick as much code as I'm currently working on up on github, and the same goes for thoughts and ideas in blog posts. Doing things publicly seems to be a good way of operating.

So this is a blog of not much, because once more I don't have time to write about what I want to write about, but I do want to write something just for the sake of it.

That and I keep coming back to this "blogging like it's 2004" from Ben Terrett's post: Blogging is coming back, and maybe if I stop worrying about each post being just right and just write instead it'll all come together somehow or other and become simple.

And joyful.

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This is what used to be a blog, but is now an online diary/archive sort of thing. As I'm laying off the twitter a bit and currently reclaiming all my Flickr photos this is the main place to find me, (subscribing via RSS) should still work.

I also have a podcast, with more audio experiments on SoundCloud. A smaller "scrapblog" is over on tumblr. If you need to get hold of me email hello@revdancatt.com

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