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FRSTEE the Twitter Snowman

I was going to attempt to construct a blog post about the shear cleverness of the little fellow pictured above, FRSTEE the Twitter Snowman. But it turns out Bobbie has already done a pretty good job of that over at Giga Om: Meet Frstee, the snowman built from Twitter.

The very short version is that the Really Interesting Group set-up a site (http://www.frstee.com/) where you can enter your (or someone else's) twitter name, and via the magic of 3D printers get a snowman sent to you where the head represents the number of people following you, a button down the front for each year on Twitter and your twitter name on the base.

Instead, I'll just write a quick blog post about how damn cute he is. And in particular how pleased I am that I joined Twitter 5 years ago and have just the right number of followers to make my frstee nicely proportioned ;) (all those years of culling spam-bot followers has finally paid off).

And when I say "cute" I kind of mean "cute and small". The smallness isn't really a problem, it's worth pointing out that sometimes people are surprised by how much such a small thing costs. I've seen this a couple of times with My Robot Nation, a site where to get to design a robot who then gets 3D printed and sent to you & FigurePrints for World of Warcraft. Each time you're paying not a trivial amount of cash for a figure a few inches high. Robots and Warriors are supposed to be BIG.

But in the case of FRSTEE this happens to be a strength rather than weakness as it's supposed to hang from your Christmass/Yule tree and is the perfect size for doing so. There's no slight feeling of sadness of it being small, but rather a that'll-fit-nicely-on-the-tree-ness about it.

Oh, I also wanted to write this blog post to attempt to coin(ish) the word Ornametrics on the grounds that I couldn't get Decoration and Data to mash together quite so well (Datoration sounds a bit rubbish). Instead here's something ornamental that has some numbers behind it. And frankly I'm looking forward to seeing more Ornametrics appear in day to day life as the technology gets cheaper and faster. Maybe something that prints out each morning, and then you feed it back into the machine just before going to bed, so it can be broken down, re-absorbed and reprinted ready for when you wake up again.

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