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10:28: Ahah, I'm at the Rewired State Digital Ad Sign Hackday kickoff thing, to find out all about getting stuff onto digital advertising boards... rewired says it better...

"Rewired State have been challenged by NHS Choices to utilise their content and large digital signage boards in public transport hubs across major uk cities to meet the government directive to use technology to engage with, and change, the way people think about their health."

Getting background on NHC Choices now.

10:31: Suggestioned ideas are, 5 (small screens) & 20 (large screens) second video to introduce NHS. Closest Doctor, NHS based on where the user is (based on signage).

Sample Electronic Screen - Probably something like this

Apparently Stress, Depression, Pregnancy/Emergency Contraception (and alcohol) and BMI are search terms coming into NHS Choices that increase around Christmas time. So something on the signs that relate to that would be good.

10:34: Because these electronic signs are often at major train stations the message can be geared towards the time of day.

10:40: Hummm, "proof of engagement" apparently we also have to try and measure how well we did, where's the fun in that.

  • Concept Review and Selection: Nov 1st.
  • Final "bullet proof" concept:  29th Nov
  • Go Live!!!!: 17th Dec
  • End: 31st Dec (Midnight)

29th Nov is pretty tight for a product to run on millions of pounds worth of equipment all around the country.

10:50: 19%(?) of people at major (london?) train station non-commuters and dwell time is around 18mins.

News orgs have a 30 second slot, and run 3 * 10 second slots in it, backend system tries to push "top" 3 news items, changed content type for time of day.

10:55: Awesome ... synchronized Firework Display on Nov 5th, all started all over the UK at the same time. Also, weather based adverts, if it's BBQ, or suncream weather.

11:05 Interesting tests with facial/glance recognition cameras on the sign boards, some showing static/still images & some showing moving images. Digital poster twice as likely to be looked at then static & viewed for 60% longer.

Sadly we don't get to play with any cameras, they were only there for testing :(

11:15: Jaffa Cakes!

11:24: Lots of different sizes, being shown a thick handbook that lists all the dimensions, video lengths, energy and so on for different digital displays. Just can't get away from designing contents for different browsers at different resolutions.

11:38: Case study time, the World Cup ... apparently didn't go very well. The World Cup that is, not the digital boards. Content created at end-of-match, pushed to displays within 5-10mins so people leaving pubs would see it on digital boards on the way home.

Hahahaha, turns out that testing out a campaign & new way of doing things on England's performance in the World Cup turned out to be not-so-great.

12:25: The big screen runs chrome-less IE8, Flash, video and images. The smaller portrait ones just video and images ... maybe. Still haven't got actual stats yet. Content gets delivered to the screens over 3G ... slowly.

12:30: Lunch break!

13:00: General Chatting and a promise of more information (sizes, etc) tomorrow.

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