June 2009

  1. [off topic] The Anti-Anti-Spymaster Rant, a quick Spymaster gameplay analysis and a hint of location thrown in for good measure.
  2. And so the San Francisco Adventure is over ...
  3. Last week on Flickr
  4. Damn'it ... iPhone 3GS and 3.0OS ... Brady gets in first, and Ants!
  5. Guardian Datablog Competition & Cleaned up JSON data for "1,000 songs to hear before you die"
  6. iPhone Augmented Reality (again)
  7. And so the San Sancisco Adventure is over, even more so ...
  8. Flickr Nearby Mobile, iPhone 3.0 and Google Maps
  9. Last week on Flickr
  10. Last week on Flickr
  11. Collecting Information < Solving Problems < Inventing Culture
  12. Elisabeth Lecourt Map Dress artist at Fairfax Contemporary Art Galleries