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... you know officially!

Before today we were like totally niche, but now that Microsoft has declared "Geotagging Goes Mainstream" I guess we're out in the spotlight now. Next thing you know we'll have major newspapers writing articles about geotagging and everything!

All kidding aside this looks like a pretty good tool. I say looks as I've not had a chance to play with it yet, being at home with just a Mac to hand, I'll give it a whirl tomorrow and see how it goes. One of the nice touches that we've all talked about, but I'm not sure if anyone really got round to doing well is having a time-offset-slider, I think you can see it in the screenshot below ...

PPTtrackroute.jpg screenshot courtesy of microsoft

... where you upload your tracklog and it matches the time with the timestamps on your photos. The theory being that if you've forgotten to adjust your camera for daylight saving, you can shift all your photos along the track until they're right.

They also suggest that when you drop a photo on the map, be it by hand or automatically, it'll also add location tags to the photo for Street Address, City, State, and Country. I've no doubt that they can get the city right most of the time, but I'm interested how they reverse geocode the lat/long to a street address on a global level.

Which reminds be I should get round to writing that "why reverse geocoding is hard" post at some point, maybe Microsoft have solved it, who knows? Like I said, I'll take a look tomorrow with some of our known problem areas :)

Anyway, from my point of view, this is a great thing. If a user uses it to catalog their photos with tags and so on in the "metadata" and does the whole geotagging thing too and then uploads those to flickr (or to Microsoft's photo sharing site thing, do they have one of those yet?), so that it extracts the tags and geolocation stuff, then that makes me happy. Anyway the more people that find geotagging easy, the better it is for everyone else.

And the more photos they can pull back out of Flickr for Photosynth ;-)

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