January 2007

  1. Eyes on the World, Taipei: from the new Sogo 2
  2. [offtopic] Back in the Office
  3. Introducing the Garmin® Astro™ GPS Dog Tracking System
  4. Automated geotaging for the Mac via Ogle Earth
  5. Tracking Kids, Japan making a liar out of me
  6. Video showing Flickr built into the Nokia N93i
  7. Eyes on the World, Tokyo: Insect's outer shell
  8. GPS Photo Walk, Sunday 21st, Ocean Beach SF
  9. [offtopic] Oh comcast, where art thou?
  10. Links for 2006-01-15
  11. Sunday 21st, GeoWalk, PhotoWalk, take your pick ...
  12. Flickr breaks the ten million geotagged photos milestone, again.
  13. [Quicklink] Open Street Map get Google Earthified
  14. TagMaps from Yahoo! Research Berkeley
  15. Eyes on the World, Spain: Ruavieja
  16. Ricoh Ruggedized GPS Digital Camera
  17. Space Invaders, Invading Google Earth
  18. Reblogging a reblog > Zones, images & borders
  19. [offtopic-ish] Flickr Ramps up Triple Tag (Machine Tags) Support.
  20. Book Club: Snow Crash
  21. Heat map (globe) visualization type stuff and kittens.
  22. [offtopic] Visualizations Clusters
  23. 2007 Web Trend Map
  24. Eyes on the World: Upcoming Machine Tags Edition
  25. Living in exciting time, flickr ID merge and limits ...