Flickr co-worker Eric's been playing with realtime geotagged photo data, you know, for ummmm, stuff. One of the first things that was obvious from the playing was we're getting geotagged photos in at just under 1 a second. Which is turning into around 60,000 new geotagged photos a day.

After the initial burst of people discovering mapping in Flickr and going back to geotag old photos we've settled on a fairly steady rate, but one that's slowly going up. I assume there are several reasons for this ...

  1. More people are discovering geotagging
  2. More people are getting GPS units
  3. We're seeing slicker tools to match tracklogs with photo timestamps to plug location into EXIF headers
  4. We're seeing simpler ways to use maps to plug location into EXIF headers
  5. More camera phone tools that tell Flickr where photos were taken when they are uploaded
On that last point IsWhere has a good quick post about Camera Phones. And with more phones getting GPS and other Location based tools, Nokia N95, ZoneTag, Shozu and Mobup to name, err, well 4, it looks like we're just at the start of the explosion of good (well gooder) quality, always with you, location aware, camera toting people, just like you and me.

But I'm getting sidetracked. The point is, that by the time you've finished reading this, there'll be another 30 or so geotagged photos in the world.