November 2006

  1. Kathleen Bennett's post about the NY Times Geotagging Item.
  2. Flickr Maps Changelog type thing [7th Nov 2006]
  3. Does Photo Metadata give us a helping hand down Memory Lane?
  4. My New Favorite Map
  5. Open, as in Open, Linux Phone with GPS
  6. Tech Preview of Photosynth, right about now...
  7. Yahoo! Map Tiles Updated! World outside of US Europe appears to have developed Road Infrastructure!
  8. Heat Maps, part 1: The most interesting place in the world
  9. SXSW07, Mapping: Where the F#*% are we now?
  10. Eyes on the World, Australia: Melbourne at night
  11. Heat Maps, part 2: It's just a jump to the left.
  12. My New Favorite Map: Food in Asia
  13. Nokia and the Mobile Augmented Reality Application
  14. Clustering Goodness.
  15. Eyes on the World: The Research PDF
  16. My New Favorite Map: Bridges in London
  17. Links for 2006-11-21
  18. Eyes on the World, Japan, Tokyo.
  19. Flickr: *just* hit 10 Million geotagged photos
  20. Links for 2006-11-22
  21. Dear Guardian Readers, links to the items raised in the article...
  22. Links for 2006-11-25
  23. How to use flickr as a geocoder
  24. Links for 2006-11-27 - The Collective Intelligence Edition
  25. The One where The Wall Street Journal does Geotagging.
  26. Backseat Playground, GPS based game for backseat drivers?
  27. Links for 2006-11-28 - The Where Do I Shove My Tracklogs Edition
  28. Quick Link: Google Earth Blog video of the SpaceNavigator, swoosh, swoosh, fly thing.
  29. We make money not art: Resistant Maps - report (part 1)
  30. Links for 2006-11-29
  31. My New Favorite Map: Owls
  32. We make money not art: Resistant Maps - report (parts 2 and 3)